Thursday, October 24, 2019

You're the One

Here are some actual reactions to Cardz for Kidz!:
  • "OMG, that sounds so fun.”
  • “Yeah, we should definitely do it some time.”  “Yes, let’s get together and plan this some time.”
  • “This would be great for the team. We should definitely think about doing this.”
  • “Oh, everyone would love that. We should definitely look into that.”
  • “That’s great. And we wouldn’t have to leave the building. We should see if we can get more info.”

You can uplift the spirits of disheartened children and solemn seniors around the world while using some fun art supplies and you can do it from anywhere you want to. Doesn’t that sound fun? Ideal? Enchanting? We agree. In fact, most people who hear about this opportunity get very excited. After all, it’s not every day you get to use glitter glue. Not only is it fun, but with the impact you’re making it seems like everyone would take immediate action, right? You’d be surprised that that’s not the case.

Just to ensure we’re on the same page, we do understand that there have been tragic situations where some groups who host events never end up sending their cards. That was the main reason we wrote the prior blog post, #sealthedeal. Even while removing the groups who do all the work to create the artwork, but don’t have the outcome of encouraging kids, there are still others – ones who don’t get past step one of creating the event. And unfortunately, we’re not sure why that happens so often.

With some groups, the responsibility gets passed around until it gets passed on. People often think it’s not their job, but since this is something new people may not be sure who to contact.

We recall back in 2011 when our founder created the first corporate event. He approached his boss who told him to talk to HR, and they went and talked to the head of the office where he got approval. That’s how the detailed Excel sheet was created that keeps track of all the backend details, including cards - #everycardcounts. Going above and beyond the event HR approved, he put together an Excel chart to track the number of cards that were being made, which partners were sponsoring the event, and how much he spent.

Collage from a later event

Since Cardz for Kidz! events involve purchasing art supplies and shipping packages, we understand you’ll likely need to check with someone to get approval. Still, we think YOU’RE THE ONE who should take the initiative to host the first event that will lead to encouraging kids across the globe. We know this isn’t nearly as important, but it could be something that you put on your resume/LinkedIn profile since your leadership is making a big difference #ontheirresume #impressivetitle. 😊

#youretheone #upliftingspirits

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