Thursday, December 11, 2014

Right Results

Potential quotes:
  • (Sigh of relief) “Excellent! 10 hours all set!”
  • (Huge Smile) “Yes! And I didn’t even have to leave my house or break a sweat!”


Actual quotes:
  • “Thanks for sharing.  This is fantastic stuff and I’ll use this in my blog next week.  Great team effort and thanks for creating meaningful impact in the community!” – Title: Global CEO
  •  “This is FANTASTIC to see.  How exciting!!!  Love all the wonderful cards and well wishes and to see the pent-up creative flare our team members have!  Thanks….You have made a real impact on many people.” – Title: CEO North America
  • “Nothing makes me happier than knowing we have made a meaningful difference for our community and our employees. Thanks so much for bringing this initiative…and driving the vision! And, thank you…for leading the effort!” – Title: Executive Vice President

Have you considered starting Cardz for Kidz! at your office or school recently? If so, why?

There are some folks who simply believe in what we do and love our mission statement:

Cardz for Kidz! is an organization dedicated to uplifting the spirits of hospitalized and/or traumatized children across the globe by delivering inspiring homemade cards.

That’s great! For example, one member of the royal family (see blog post Runs In the Family), Jen Kouba, loves how Cardz for Kidz! combines her passion for art work and impacting her community, by helping DePaul produce nearly 900 cards as of 11/13/2014.

Then there are other “artists” who love the fact that we’re working to not only impact kids in the United States, but connecting with kids outside of this country as well. Currently we’ve sent a total of 348 cards to children outside the continental USA. Also, we are looking to form ongoing partnerships with hospitals, similar to our connection in Haiti, with a couple hospitals in Canada.

Finally, there are other IMPORTANT contributors who are doing it for, what some may say, are the non-spirited reasons – the two R’s: Requirement or Recognition.

  • Requirement: We learned there are several schools, ranging from Grade Schools to Universities, who require their students to participate in a certain amount of community service hours. Those requirements may spark some people to ‘take the easy way out’ and start making cards in school which could leave to the first two set of quotes listed above.
  • Recognition: Now there are others who are looking for a way to distinguish themselves and to be recognized for their impact on their office and community. One contributor sent us the above quotes above from several high ranking officials at his company. Although he was shocked by how quickly he was recognized, it is true; companies love it when employees start something that increases the “chemistry” and teamwork for employees.
We included the quotes above since that may help inspire some people who are considering hosting an event for either of those two reasons. (*fingers crossed*) Hopefully it works!

Now some may say it’s incorrect if folks are strictly doing it to either meet a REQUIREMENT or to receive RECOGNITION, we are focused on the fact that it’s bringing the RIGHT RESULTS, smiles on kids’ faces! No matter what the motivation, you’re help is appreciated. Please keep it up! Thank you!

Thankful even if it’s the "non-spirited" 2 R’s it leads to the correct 2 R’s – Right Results! 


#RightResults #UpliftingSpirits

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Artists" - So Do We

Whenever you look through any of our socials posts you’ll always see that we use the word “artists” to describe anyone who’s made a card. Now some folks may think, ‘I AM NOT ARTISTIC AT ALL. I shouldn’t be called an “artist”.’ But based on our experience….we disagree.

We connected with someone who actually delivered cards to patients. He highlighted how there’s often a BIG difference in the ‘level of creativity’ between some of the cards! Based on that distinction he created a creative and polite way to explain to the children why some of the cards were, to put it politely, less than perfect. He would update the kids that the cards were made by people at large companies. These companies had some people who real artistic and other analytics or ops members who were not as creative. Then he would politely tell the children that it was an ops member who made their custom card. While using that approach he didn’t get any negative comments or kids requesting new cards.

Then there was one time when he was giving his explanation and was cut off. Before he even opened the card the young patient said “it’s okay. I can tell they tried really hard.” After that comment, and seeing some artistic analytic employees, he’ll have to find a new “creative and positive” way to explain some of the cards! :)

So if the most important people, the disheartened children, think you’re SUPER artistic and/or true “ARTISTS” - SO DO WE. Please keep making cards.

#ArtistsSoDoWe #UpliftingSpirits

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