Thursday, October 26, 2017

Still Important

“We work with corporate groups all the time who want to make things for our kids and we don’t usually accommodate anyone who isn’t an existing donor.” ––[Redacted], from [Redacted] nonprofit. For their sake we’re not going to say their name or state which nonprofit they represent.

For some background, we recall we were talking to someone from a larger nonprofit and they were discussing how they were a bit disappointed and/or shocked how some groups request participating, but weren’t financially giving enough. For example, they wanted to volunteer their time, but weren’t donating thousands of dollars. Since that organization has a lot of overhead costs and gives away a lot of gifts, groups or individuals who don’t make significant monetary donations just aren’t as important.

With us, it’s completely different. So yes, we do try to have an annual fundraiser where we tried to raise thousands so we could purchase additional gifts and toys for the children at our hospitals. But to be honest, only ONE group who has their logo up on our Participants tab made a pledge for that fundraiser––special thanks to our buddies at Teads. In fact, UBS is one of the only groups who has made several financial contributions and has allowed us to fully recognize them on our site.

Although when a group goes above and beyond, we just have to say something––what’s most important is that we’re getting cards not just bringing in large monetary donations. One of the reasons why is that everyone who “works” at Cardz for Kidz! does so during their “free time!”

We were watching a news channel exclusive report, a couple months ago, and learned about a charity that went to an extreme with its fundraising. In summary, they raised funds and told their donors they were giving patients special boxes, but actually weren’t giving them much at all! Please check out this link to video about the Cancer Charity. Now, after watching that, please understand, your contributions are different here. We use your funds to purchase video game systems, DVD players, and ship cards across the globe. Finally, we’re all volunteers and do this in our free time; you don’t have to worry about anything like that!

Although we LOVE it when there are groups and/or individuals who are willing to donate both time and money so we can reach more children, unlike some other larger, more prominent nonprofits, we think groups who are NOT able to donate thousands of dollars are STILL IMPORTANT. However, you contribute to Cardz for Kidz!, know that you’re making a difference in the lives of many children and their families!

#stillimportant #upliftingspirits

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Go Postal

First, we got to start off by saying we’re sorry. We understand by using some of the terms/phrases in the blog post we may offend and bring up some tough memories for people, but we REALLY have to get something off our chest!

As always, let’s start with some 100% open and honesty. If you look on our How-To website you’ll see the address for where people should ship the cards underlined. We’ll use this as a chance to remind people, Cardz for Kidz!, 323 E Wacker #11, Chicago, IL 60601.  A couple times we’ve had some groups reach out to us and let us know they were in the area and ask if they could simply drop off the cards. Well, here’s the honesty, that’s actually not an office. It’s just a UPS Mailbox. As we’ve listed in a bunch of prior posts, everyone who “works” at Cardz for Kidz! does this in what was formerly known as free time. We got that UPS mailbox as it’s close to our founder’s 9-5 job, open till 7pm, and he can stop by there on his way home.

Since the UPS is more convenient, we use that for collecting the packages, but it’s more expensive for shipping, so for that we’ve always stuck with the United States Post Service. If you look at the timeline, on our About Us page, you’ll notice that we started sending cards to hospitals before we were approved as a 501c3 certified non-profit. That means that we had started shipping cards to kids across the Midwest out of our own pocket, since we weren’t getting any dollar donations from any corporations. We didn’t have our partnership with our bank like we do now, or a gofundme, or anything like that. We simply would receive cards from different groups, primarily in Chicago. Then, during lunch, our founder would walk over to the post office in the basement of the Sears/Willis Tower and ship them out to our partnering locations. Based on his consistency, the ladies at the post office became real friendly and helpful. And actually, it’ll never be forgotten. After one of the shipments in Q4 2012 our founder paid with his card and Ms. B, an employee at the USPS asked him to wait a second, she later walked around and brought him a card with $20 in it. She confirmed that she supported what he was doing. According to our records, she gave another $20 on November 13, 2013. Both of those were before we had the formal tax-deductible receipts on nice letter head!

It’s not just Ms. B either. We’ve had multiple positive experiences during our many trips to the post office. So we’ve mentioned it a few times, some of us have a background in data analysis. With that in mind, we definitely can’t say we’ve done quantitative analysis and analyzed how helpful EVERY post office worker is, but we can say we’ve shipped approximately 35,000 cards from the USPS – just check out the packages in our deliveries albums to get an example of some of the trips.

Based on that, and the fact that we’ve shipped cards in post offices in Southfield, Atlanta, and multiple locations in Chicago, we can say we’ve done extensive amount of qualitative research. With that in mind, we fully believe there’s something special about the vast majority of people we’ve been able to connect with- from being helpful in recommending how we could save money – using different types of packages, to making monetary donations, or to making cards.

With all that in mind, we think there needs to be a modification to the overall term or idea of Postal. We think they’re so far above and beyond that we’ll try be using that term in only a positive light! We’re encouraging people to GO POSTAL, aka impact Cardz for Kidz! all around!

#gopostal #upliftingspirits

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