Thursday, May 12, 2016

Love Our Neighbors

Since Cardz for Kidz! started in Chicago, as expected, the majority of our cards have been sent to hospitals in the Midwest (as of April 2016 – 53% of cards were delivered within the Midwest). Recently, we’ve been striving to get more hospitals in an array of locations. In order to make that evident, we worked with the developers of our website to make sure that people can drag the map around so you can see ALL of our locations. For example, when you draaggggg the map, you can see our 4 destinations in Africa.

It’s actually interesting that we’ve shipped a total of 1,210 cards to children or seniors outside our 50 states. Thankfully, we know this number will consistently grow since we have lasting partnerships with our bordering neighbors - Mexico and Canada.
  • Canada – St Joseph Health Center – an overall hospital in Canada with a pediatric department that requests approximately 25 cards a quarter.
  • Canada – Reseau Selection – a senior retirement home in Quebec that strictly wants cards in French.
  • Mexico – Dr. Sonrisas – an organization that works to change children across Mexico’s pain and suffering to moments of hope and happiness.

No matter what, we’ll continue to find ways to work with individuals to carry a bit more so we can send cards to some distinct destinations. Here are some examples:

Bernard Mevs                Dagbe                                          One Village

While we do have those special deliveries, thankfully we’ve been able to LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS and consistently send cards to Canada and Mexico. Pictures coming soon.

#LoveOurNeighbors #UpliftingSpirits

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Take Off

“Wonder what will happen this time!” That’s what our founder thought as he boarded his EXTREMELY delayed flight back to Michigan. This was sparked because during a recent flight from Toronto the airline was having problems with a lot of their flights. They ALL were delayed hours. During this wait, he sparked a conversation with a couple consultants from Duke University. When he responded “I started a non-profit” after their standard “What do you do?” question, they immediately desired to learn more. Soon after, one of the two ladies had already started planning out when and where they’d start to introduce Cardz for Kidz!.

Now what makes this a bit more exciting is another story about Minnesota State University. They first heard about Cardz for Kidz! during a prior trip to the airport. The founder stepped into a conversation after he heard they worked with students. They began talking about how their students had made cards in the past and would like to make some again. As of April 6, 2016, Minnesota State has made a total of 438 cards; of the 80+ participants they’re one of the Top 10 groups.

Now, if he could just make conversations on the train or bus lead to mass amounts of cards then we wouldn’t have any shortages in Q3!! J …so if you meet someone who might be interested in Cardz for Kidz!, don’t hesitate to let them know. We appreciate all the help we can get! It’s been through word-of-mouth marketing that our organization has been able to TAKE OFF.

#UpliftingSpirits #TakeOff

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